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Reference Letter (Sven Ahlback)

The Department of Folkmusic

Royal University College of Music in Stockholm

Valhallavagen 103, Box 27 771

115 91 Stockholm

tel: 08-16 18 25

Masguda Shamsutdinova has been a guest student and researcher at the folkmusic dept. of Royal University College of Music in Stockholm , Sweden from November 1, 1996 until June 30, 1997. She has participated in the following classes:

Folkmusic in Sweden, Folksinging, Folkmusic research and performance

· Swedish folklore music

· Project: Presentation of Tatar folklore music, including lectures, documentation and research

· Folklore singing performance

· Analysis of folkmusic singing and singing style

· Research in folkmusic style problems

The teacher and guide in these subjects has been

Susanne Rosenberg, famous Swedish folksinger, ethnomusicologist, writer of books and articles of Swedish folklore music, leader of folksongchoir of Stockholm, professor in folksinging at the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm.

Music notation on the computer

· Basic music notation on the computer

· Advanced notation with Finale

· Notation problems in folklore music

The teacher in these subjects has been

Sven Ahlback/head of the folkmusic dept of the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm.

Professor in folkmusic theory, violin playing, composition, music history and ensemble.

Accomplished performer in Swedish fiddle music



  • Composition and notation problems related to folklore music

Gunnar Valkare. Professor in composition and music history at the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm. Composer and ethnomusicologist.

Folkmusic seminars

· folkmusic from Norvey, Anon Egeland, famous fiddler of Norway

· folkmusic from Finland, Tellu Virkala, famous singer, Sibelius Akademia, Finland

· folkmusic from Sweden, Mats Eden, folkmusicfiddler, University of Music, Malmoe

· Magnus Gustafsson, ethnomusicologist, archhive of music, Vaxjo


· Concerts at the folkmusicclub, Brukarhuset, Stockholm

· Concerts at Royal University College of Music in Stockholm, at the festival of Swedish folkmusic, LAT

· Concert at the College of Music in Oslo, Norway

· Concert in the church of St Jakob, Stockholm, nevros concert

Performance of compositions

· Two programs in Swedish Broadcasting Corp.


· An article in the major music magazine MUSIK. Nr1/1997


· Studytrip to Norway, 24 of April until 26 April, at a conference of folkmusic education at University Colleges of Music in the Nordic countries, e.g. Norway, Sweden, Finland, Danmark, Estland

· Studytrip to Ireland, 30 of May until 7 of June, to study the folkloremusic, visiting Folkloredept. At the University of Limeric , visiting famous Sean Nos singers in the Western parts of Ireland

Masguda Shamsutdinova has carried out her studies with excellence. She is an enormously talented musician, composer and researcher with great knowledge of Tatar music in particular and folkmusic in general. During her studies she has demonstrated her ability to adapt new styles and concepts, as well as her musical intelligence and ability to transform the knowledge in Swedish folklore music in to new knowledge of Tatar music. She has also developed her ability to lecture in English and has been very cooperative and adaptive in strange milieu.

In the Swedish University system her studies are valued to 40 pts, which is equivalent to one year of fulltime studies at highest University level.

Sven Ahlback/lead of the folkmusic dept of the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm .