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Tatar Folk Anthem. "Oh, My Beloved Native Tongue!"

by Gabdulla Tukay

Oh, beloved native language,
Oh, enchanting mother tongue!
You enabled my search for knowledge
Of the world, since I was young.

As a child, when I was sleepless
Mother sung me lullabies.
And my grandma told me stories
Through the night, to shut my eyes

Oh, my tongue! You have been always
My support in grief and joy
Understood and cherished fondly
Since I was a little boy.

In my tongue, I learned with patience
To express my faith and say:
"Oh, Creator! Bless my parents,
Take, Allah, my sins away!"

translated by Sabirjan

Tugan Tel
Gabdullah Tukay's original on Tatar Language

I tugan tel, i matur tel
Etkem-enkemnen tele!
Donyada kup nerse beldem
Sin tugan tel arkyly

In elek bu tel belen
Enkem bishekte koilegen
Annary tonner bue
Ebkem khikeyat soilegen

I tugan tel! Hervakytta
Yardemen belen sinen
Kechkeneden anlashylgan
Shatlygym, kaigym minem

I tugan tel! Sinde bulgan
In elek kylgan dogam:
"Yarlykagyl, dip, uzem hem
Etkem-enkemne, Khodam!"