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Here I am!

Dear friend,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Masguda Shamsutdinova. I am from the land where the Western World meets the East. I am a professional composer, well known in Europe and Asia. Descended from the great Genghis Khan, ethnically I am a Tatar. My homeland is located at the crossroads of trade and culture of Asian and European continents. For me, music is everything - beauty and grace exists in all creation. My music is inspired by the folk music of generations of my relatives as well as shamanic medicine and sound healers in the region.

My compositions include all genres from songs to symphonies. They have been performed, recorded, and broadcast in my home, Tatarstan, Russia, as well as in Austria, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Egypt, Turkey, and more. Since coming to the United States six years ago, I have composed my 3rd symphony, a symphonic poem, “Dervish,” which was performed by the Northwest Symphonic Orchestra (conductor – Anthony Spain) and an oratorio, “Hymn to the Prophet.” Each of these was performed, broadcast and recorded. Currently, I am working on my oratorio on the scriptures of the Bible and the Koran.

Also, during my years in the United States I have transformed myself to be able to work in my new found world. As a newcomer I knew only two words of English: “Hi and Bye,” but now that I know English I have launched what I call my “Lullaby Project.” Collecting lullabies from the wide variety of ethnic Americans is to me a fascinating field of inquiry, and one that protects and preserves the cultural heritage of my new home. Using my own field recordings, I have published the CD: “Seattle Sings World Lullabies.” I am now working on another CD: “Lord, Blow the Moon Out,” which will include traditional American lullabies.
I am introducing myself to you because you are the one who truly cares about music art. Through you, I hope to make more professional connections in so that my music might be played, or perhaps you could refer me to someone I could approach.
This is a link to my music samples:
This is a link to my “Lullaby Project”:


Masguda Shamsutdinova