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Dear Lullaby Project Participants!

Thank you for your participation in the Lullaby Project last year at the Northwest Folklife Festival. The response was more than I expected and heartwarming. Your lullabies touched my soul.
I am pleased to announce that the first collection of songs from the Lullaby Project is now available on CD “Seattle Sings World Lullabies,” and can be purchased on website listed below or from me. I wish I could just give this to all of you, but producing it has been very expensive. Only 43 lullabies from over 25 hours of collected could fit on this first edition, but, I am now working on a second CD: “Seattle Sings American Lullabies.”

This CD, “Seattle Sings World Lullabies”, includes:
American: Rosy Betz-Zall, Jean Murphy, Cora Bill Patz, Lois Rees; Brazilian: Ana Cristina dos Santos; Chinese: Cheung Yiu Man Elman; Ecuadorian: Sara Guerrero-Elefson; Ethiopian: Felek Alemayehu; French: Ellen Hale; Haitian: Rochelle dela Cruz; Irish: Cait Callen, David Knott, Dejah Leger; Italian: Mariette Knoblauch; Latvian: Lija Appleberry; Norwegian: Ingrid Hamberg; Japanese: Yuri Nishiyama, Masaco Poll; Jewish: Diana Greenleaf, Wendy Joseph, D’vorah Kostonovich, Jeanene Pratt, Carol Tice; Phillipines: Anna Tigtig;
Russian: Ludmila Fraser, Juliana Svetlitchnaia; Scottish-Gaelic: Lucinde Balcombe, Laura Martin; Spanish: Carolin MacGregor, Ellen Hale;
Tatar: Masguda Shamsutdinova; Vietnamese: Trang Ngre Vo;
Welsh: Margie Hunt, Joel Ware, Laura Martin.

Warmly, Masguda

Online LINK to website:
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Why did I start to collect Lullabies?

In my former country as an ethnomusicologist I recorded traditional healing sounds of Russian minorities, as well as Northern Sufi music. I came to the United States with two words Hi and Bye. Desperately wanting to learn the English language, and a vocabulary of Beauty I applied to my English Second Language Teacher.
“Can you teach me them?”
He said, “You do not need a vocabulary of beauty, being the first generation in this country you will be washing dishes all your life. Study the kitchen vocabulary.”
I said, “But this country’s slogan is, “Dreams come true.”
He said, “Not for you.”
I thought as he is an American, he must be right. And thus I started to wash dishes at Harborview Hospital. Once when I was serving suffering patients I met a crying woman.
“Why do you cry?”
She said that for years she cannot sleep.
“What do you do to get a sleep?”
“ I’ve been eating tons of pills, and every night I count white sheep to1000. Nothing helps.”
“ Why do you count white sheep?”
“ Everybody does who has a sleep disorder.”
I said, “Count gray donkeys.”
Next morning she said to me, “Thanks.” She said that she slept as a baby.
This woman was sent to me by God to remind me that I am still a composer, who writes symphonies and ballets, an ethnomusicologist, and Ph.D, who dreams to learn the English vocabulary of Beauty. Thinking about suffering people who need to recover a memory of love I started a Lullaby project.