Masguda I. Shamsutdinova's site


Listen to the Light, See the Music.

I was born in a small Tatar village in the Ural Mountains, the 3rd of 4 children. My father was a village healer; my mother was a beekeeper. It was my mother who taught me to listen to sounds of nature. In her beautiful voice she sang me ancient songs; songs that gave me my strong cultural roots. It was my father who taught me to love people; to promote harmony between humans and spirit of nature.

We have music, which facilitates communication, elevating it to a higher level than mere words. The mediator between the music and man is the musician. Musicians are people of extremes, tortured, selfish, ambitious, in need of support and understanding, cruel to themselves and others, absolutely helpless in the world, unable to defend themselves. The musician without music is like a fish without water, a human without air. The musician is perpetual suffering and endless happiness. The musician has limitless ways for expressing himself. The musician can make the world happier; indeed, it would die without him. We reveal our inner world to people, giving of ourselves without restraint.

Sounds and thoughts are being formed not only from the moment of one's birth, but indeed since the very beginning of life on Universe. The generations of people in this perishable world are connected by the sound. The body turns into ashes; the soul becomes an unknown substance which waits, as believers say, for the last Justice. Only Sound connects humanity into one continuous sonorous thread, which is eternal.