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Galiasgar Kamal Tatar National Academic Theater

The first public Tatar theatrical performance was presented by a group of progressive Tatar youth on December 22, 1906. This date is considered the birthday of Tatar theater though the first plays in Tatar were written and performed at schools and private home theaters at the end of the XIX century.
In 1907 the first professional theatrical company “Sayar” (“Traveller” from Tatar) headed by Gabdoullah Karieyev, who was called “father of Tatar theater” during his lifetime, was farmed. It was the start of rapid development and flourishing of young Tatar drama and theater. The second troupe “Nur” (“Ray”) was established in 1912, in Ufa by Sahipzhamal Gizzatullina Volzhskaya, the first female actress in Muslim and Turkic world. In 1915 the third theatrical company “Shirkat” (“Cooperation”) was farmed in Orenburg. In 1922 all Tatar theater companies joined up together under the directorship of Karim Tinchurin, a renaissance man, a person of extreme talent and charisma – an actor, dramatist and play director. In 1926 the theater was among the first in USSR to gain the status “Academic.” In 1939 it was named after Galiasgar Kamal – a prominent dramatist, one of the founders of professional Tatar theater. It was remained Galiasgar Kamal Tatar Naional Academic Theater so far and successfully continuous the mission of its predecessors. Since 1985 the theater is administrated by Managing Director Shamil Zakirov. Farid Bikchantayev, a Laureate of Gabdoullah Toukay National Prize of Tatarstan Republic, is aqn director of Galiasgar Kamal Theatre since 2002.