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International Theatrical Festival of Turkic People "Nauruz"

The Dramatic Society of Turkic people numbers more than 40 nationalities, general population of which makes up to 170 million people, residing in the territory of Eurasia. Turkic people belong to different confessional groups: Sunni and Shiite Muslims, Orthodox Christians, Catholics, Buddhists, followers of Shamanism and others, that is why the only holiday that joins all Turkic people is an is an ancient Nauruz, the Day of vernal equinox. The majority of Turkic people have professional theatrical collectives with existing traditions of production and performing arts.
In 1989 in Ala-Ata city (Kazakhstan) the Drama Theaters Festival of the Republics of Central Asia and Kazakhstan “Nauruz” took place, which began to be held annually in the largest cities of Central Asia. However the collapse of the USSR and the following deep transformation of social and political system on the whole post-Soviet space led to longstanding cultural relations breaking and many creative undertaking termination. The Festival “Nauruz” reviving took place in 1998 thanks to the lead of Tatar State Academic Theater named after Galiasgar Kamal returned by the administration of the Republic of Tatarstan. The decision of the VI International Theatrical Festival of Turkic people “Nauruz” holding in Kazan city (Tatarstan, Russia) was taken. Henceforth the Festival found its native land on the earth of Tatarstan, obtained the International status and began to be held quadrennially.

The VII Festival “Nauruz” took place in 2002 and confirmed its high status: the leading theater critics of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Alma-Ata, Istanbul determined it as cultural event assigning all Turkic theatrical process development paradigm. The VIII International Theatrical Festival of Turkic people “Nauruz” was held in 2005 as a part of millennium of Kazan city founding celebration.
In 2009 the IX International Theatrical Festival “Nauruz” became a special event in the cultural life of Turkic people and reached high international level. The Festival program was greatly expanded; its playbill for the first time included puppet theatrical performances in Turkic languages, traditional performances on the squares, as well as performances of the Festival guests several theaters invited from European an d Asian countries. Besides in the Festival frameworks the research and practice conference was held, round tables for actual problems of the national dramatic and stage direction of Turkic people as well as master classes of the leading theater workers of Russia and foreign countries were organized. For the purpose of really fraternal atmosphere and constructive fruitful dialogue creation the jury work and awarding with nominations were excluded.
By the decision of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Union of Theater Workers of Russia with the assistance of Ministry of Cultural Affairs of the Russian Federation and “Turksoy”, the International Organization for the Turkic Culture and arts Joint Development, since 2011 the Festival will be held Biannually and every even year starting in 2010 under the aegis of the festival the International Theater and Educational Forum of Turkic people will be held.
Both in past and in future the Festival “Nauruz” will promote inter-theatrical relations strengthening: creative experience fruitful exchange, aesthetic level of theatrical production improvement, road shows activization. Theatrical market promotion of new forms, national dramaturgy popularization, engagement of stage directions congenial to language and mentality to performances in the theaters of Turkic people.
To participate in the Festival-forum the theatrical collective, playing in Turkic languages, possessing high artistic value, representatives of drama and puppet theaters, playing in Turkic languages, as well as Turkic-language representatives of theatrical possessions from subjects of the Russian Federation and foreign countries are invited. The request for the participation in the Festivals with information products (theater information, playbills, programs, annotation and performance press-release, photo-and video material for advertising, performance technical rider), script in Russian and English for providing guests and participants of the Festival with simultaneous translation, as well as fully videotaped performance in DVD format shall be sent at the address: 1 Tatarstan Street, Kazan, Russia, 420021, Tatar State Academic Theater named after Galiasgar Kamal, “Nauruz” Festival and by e-mail