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The Black Felt Cloak

Playwright - Geor Hougayev
Music by Masguda Shamsutdinova

A musical drama

This performance is “an answer” from the new millennium to the aesthetics of K.Tinchurin’s “The Blue Shawl”. It has already become the trademark of the theatre - toured Russia, many CIS countries and abroad; the winner of Grand prix at the VIII International Festival of the Turkic people "Nauruz"; the winner of the three main awards (Grand prix, the Best Director, the Best Actor) at the 2nd National Festival "Musical Heart of Theatre" (Moscow, 2007); the winner of Grand prix and the Best Actor Award at the XIII International Festival "Belaya Vezha" (Brest, 2008) and a recipient of many other prizes.
Comparison with K. Tinchurin"s, The Blue Shawl, which had a run of almost eighty years on the G. Kamal Theatre stage is not random. Despite all the objective differences between the performances there is a typological similarity: they both are created in the parameters of musical-drama metaphorical theater synthesizing many genres. Though it was not a specially designed plan , the play-parable staged in 2002 invisibly started a dialogue with the play-legend creating associative paraphrases. It has artistically demonstrated that such kind of production is in demand with the audience.