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Lullaby for Evve

Elisabeth (Betsy) Weston, Portland, Oregon. “My daughter’s name is Evelyn. Tune came to me on our first night in the hospital, some words came later. My mother sang this to me: Nighty nighty, sleepy tighty, dream about a puppy dog. Then when I had my daughter I wrote some more words: Red and yellow, black and white, they’re having so much fun at play, now’s the time to go to sleep, tomorrow is another day. ”

Lullaby for Evve (by Elisabeth Weston)

Now it’s time to go night-night,
Close your eyes and rest your head,
Time for little girl to sleep now
In her little bed.
Mommy wants to go to sleep now,
Daddy’s sleepy too,
Time for Evve to go night-night,
That’s the thing to do.
All the doggies go to sleep now,
Kitties sleeping too,
Birds in their little nests
Sing too-ra-loo-ra-loo.

Swinging Song (Elizabeth Weston's song):
This-a-way Evve goes up and down up and down and around
This-a-way Evve goes up and down up and down and again (repeat with slightly different tune)

Finger-Nail-Clipping Song

First we do the thumb-nail
Nippy, nippy, nippy
First we do the thumb nail
repeat... with other nails...