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Quotes from WORLD LULLABY PROJECT collected by Masguda

Paul Costello (1964): “The sweet sleep comes in a soft blue, in a soft blue, envelopes me, envelopes me, surrounds me. Sleep is surrender – letting go and allowing love to compass.”
Bonnie Quino (1954): “If I cannot sleep I count sheep jumping.”
Abel Rocha Gonzales Pachero (1960): “The Sleep comes to me in a light blue color. I start to have incongruent thoughts, relaxation, mixing thoughts in a strange way, deep breathing. If I cannot sleep I take a cold shower.”
Beth Amsbary (1959): “Sleep comes to me in a deep blue-green color. Sometimes it steals me from wakefulness, sometimes it is nesting in the arms of God and relaxing into them. Busy brain is troubled sleep.”
Emily Teachout (1968): “If you cannot fall asleep look at the inside of eyelids, the swirling colors. White noise, better yet is old-time music drifting through trees.”
Susanne Ohrvic (1962). "Sleep comes to me in a purple color. Soft, quietly. Sleep is sweet, soft, rhythmic, stow breathing dreams processing the day. If I cannot fall asleep I exhaust myself with a boring book."
Lisa Kathleen Johnson Ponder (1956): "Sleep comes soft, slow, and unnoticed – like a fog spreading. Breath slower, shut my eyes, be calm and still. I hear swish of grasses on a sunny day outside with a little gentle breeze."
Charlie Jones (1995): “Sleep comes to me like a light blue color that looks like waves. Sometimes waves, sometimes jumping sheep."
Cynthia FitzGerald (1956): "The Sleep comes to me in a purple color. I think and pray for people I love. Some lullabies are to prevent children's curiosity from taking them toward danger. The lullaby can reinforce a parent's protection of the child."
Margie Hunt (1941): “The good deep Sleep comes to me in a black velvet color. Sleep descends and engulfs me very comfortably. It is a page all covered with black. If I have a trouble falling asleep I think of blackness, especially by the outsides of my eyes and breathe of them. If it does not work, I let one thought lead to another, not allowing myself to remain on any one thought.”
Gwendolyn King (1978): “Sleep is floating over fields of flowers and oceans of fish. Sleep is becoming part of the water as it bends around the trees and rocks.”
Patricia Spaeth (1948): There’s moment when your thoughts get fuzzy and you realize “That’s not logical – good – I’m falling asleep.”
Vicki Nelson (1952): "The Sleep comes to me multi-colored. It slowly lays over me like a blanket. Sleep is a feeling of being safe, wrapped in a cocoon of warmth and peace."
Martha de Carbonel Patterson (1963): "The Sleep comes to me in indigo color, sweet, smooth, velvety slide into warmth. Sleep is soothing, energizing, anticipatory, exiting, healthy, lovely, peaceful, comforting, and necessary.”
Kari Hailey (1968): “Sleep comes to me in a black and purple color. I become still and my mind stops. My breathing calms me.”
Aimee Kelley (1973): Sleep comes to me in stories that travel away from my day and day life.”
Carol Levin (1946): “Waves lapping, wind in trees, train rhythms, overwhelming thoughts bring a Sleep.”
Vicki Nelson (1952): “The Sleep is a cocoon of warmth and peace. It comes to me multicolored like a blanket being laid over me."
Lauren Overholt (1986): “Sleep comes to me in a deep blue color, in a geometrical patterns like a quilt, like a blanket gently falling onto me.”
Rebecca Campbell (1951): “Sleep comes to me swirling through the white light tunnel into the upper world.”
Diana Greenleaf (1949): “When my father was in the process of dying we sang “Irish Lullaby” together to soothe each other.”
Beverly Young (1951): “I love rains. It cleans thoughts. The Sleep comes to me sinking in a bliss.”
Maria Batayola (1954): "My homeland is warm, gracious, peaceful. The Sleep comes to me like warm water, sinking into warm water in a blue color. In my Tagalog language the Sleep called “Matulog". I love the smell of lilac. It reminds me of the soft winds that come, bring smell of Sampagita."
Dusty Collings (1977): “Lullabies in the US are for the calming of the adult as much as the child. Many of them have a scary part. Young families often have no one older around to offer support and confidence. This has been a trend even since the 1700s.”
Dominika De-Klerk (8 years old): The Sleep comes to me in a rainbow colors. It feels like the air pushing my eyes down and I sleep. I like the smell of strawberries because it feels like I am eating them. I like taste of chocolate because it just tastes good!”
Jamie Shilling (1953): "Sleep comes slowly breathing, sometimes moving as a song in my mind. It is a heaviness!”
Judy Healy (1950): "The Sleep whispers in a low sounds. Ocean waves lapping against the shore, a warm darkness, a fading light, an enveloping nest."
Amy Goldberg (1955): "Seed to flower, flower to fruit, fruit to seed, awaken spirit of the wheel, awaken us again."
Margie Hunt (1941): “I love mountain air. It invigorates my body and makes my scalp tingle. I feel very connected to life and earth and loved ones. I feel like I can accomplish anything and enjoy doing it.”
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