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Sufi Mistery music by Masguda

“Adam’s Children” (from Torah and Koran)

The performance is a set of pictorial reflections from from the Qur'anic Surah entitled the Divine Book.
This Surah highlights man’s weakness and passion, fears and hopes. His vulnerability and desperation render him complex and interesting. His intention is to know himself manifested through his endless search for Truth. His deepest desire is to believe and be willing to sacrifice all that he values in the name of God. Our ancestors who loved and suffered, who looked for and found their way in light and love, look at us (unclear—who is “us”) through the centuries. Today they find unite us, so different and unperfect. Qadr Kutch-(correct it if wrong)-Holy Night, refers to the night of Majesty when the Qur’an was revealed to Muhammad. In addition, it Al-Qadr is the night when the angels descended with Allah’s permission. The angel(s?) walked among us, gathering the tears of offended which were transformed into pearls and decorated the throne of God.