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17-20 December, 2019. World Tatar Congress in Kazan, Tatarstan

2014-04-29. Экология музыки и зыуковые ландшафты. Статья

November, 2018. Премьера "Йолдыз тапкан кыз" в Татарском Государственном театре кукол.

2016-05-27. May 27-30, 2016. Northwest Folklife Festival. Northwest Folklife in partnership with Seattle Center. Seattle Sings World Lullabies (Masguda’s Project).

January, 30th, 2019. Symphony "Ibn-Fadlan" of Masguda on WFCF 88.5 FM, Flagler College Radio, in St. Augustine, Florida and on WFWM 91.9 FM in Frostburg, Maryland.

2019, January 16. Илһам Шакиров: Мәсгудә, мин сине комыңнан таныймын.

2019-01-12. to view and download PDFs from contact

28.12.2017. Masguda Shamsutdinova. Islamic symbols in the modern Tatar music (by Lilia Borodovskaya, PHD)

01.08.2018. Сулейман Бакыргани. Ахырзаман Китабы в отделе "Articles". Найдено в селе Татарские Каргалы, Сакмарского района, Оренбургской области.

28.12.2017. My compositions were broadcast on 24th on KKUP. 2017 Classical Music Festival 12-24 18:00 - 21:00

December, 2017. Suleyman Bakirgani. Apocalypse. Tatar version is posted

December, 2017. Көйле Китапларны көйлим радио га

09.30.2017. To view and download PDFs contact

2017. Posted Tatar Summer 2017

09.01.2017. Габделҗәббар сүзләренә "Ай-һай, Сәхипҗәмалым" библиотекага куелды

08.10.2017. Ural. Kshlay-Elga. I was born Here! is posted in the Photos section

03.18.17. Flauto Solo is posted in

02.22.2017. "Аrticles" бүлегенә минем тарафтан язылган җырларның текстларын куйдым. Хаталарын тапсагыз "Feedback"кә язуыгызны үтенәм

02.13.2017. 22 февраля 2017 года в ГБКЗ им.С.Сайдашева в рамках Второго фестиваля татарской музыки «Мирас» исполнится Симфонический Дастан "Степь" Масгуды Шамсутдиновой. Дирижер – Айрат Ишмуратов (Канада)

02.14.2015. "Добрый День" из симфонического цикла "Тамгалар" был исполнен Государственным Симфоническим оркестром Республики Татарстан в Большом Концертном зале имени Салиха Сайдашева. Дирижер - Михаил Мосенков.

01.22.2017. You were sitting on a Moon beam, you were strumming the strings of time, days passed, months passed, the years passing by (Tatar Folk Song)

01.21.2017. Уф Алла.. Йөргән җирләрем кайда? Йөргән җирләр, туган илләр – төштә күрсәм дә файда.

01.19.2017. Сиэтл — Канкун - Плая дел Кармен — Акумаль — Тулум — Исла Мухерес - Канкун — Маями — Багамы -Нассау — Маями — Кивест — Козумел — Маями — Сиэтл за 15 дней. Фото

12.24.2016. Новая статья:


12.10.2016. сафура бураннары

12.01.2016. Ил авызын тыгарга илле ыштан да җитми

11.29.16. Филүсә Арсланның Фәридә Кудашевага багышланган мәкаләсе "Articles"та

11.11.2016. Мне очень понравился клип Фанура Гайсарова на мою музыку

11.10.2016. Томан... Спейс Нидл да күренми, вулкан Рейниер тавы да күренми, килә-китә корабльләр дә күренми.

10.18.2016. Канада белән Американың төнъяк-көнбатышы чигендә коеп яңгыр ява.

10.19.2016. Елның иң матур ае октябрь. Һәр мизгелен сеңдереп каласы килә хәтердә.

10.18.2016. Нихаять беренче симфониямне компьютер теленә күчереп бетердем бүген. Шөкер, кайгырасы юк, икенчесе һәм өченчесе күптән цифрлаштырылган. Дәрвиш тә.

2016-05-25. We worked with Dr.Shamsutdinova for several years during her extraordinary project on collecting lullabies throughout the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Shamsutdinova’s work on lullabies is truly important. Each Lullaby collected is a unique expression of an individual’s connection to tradition and heritage in its most elemental form. The Lullaby Project explores, collects, and preserves those expressions, then re-presents those beautiful songs to a greater audience, thereby underscoring the common valu

2016-05-12. Paul Costello (1964): “The sweet sleep comes in a soft blue, in a soft blue, envelopes me, envelopes me, surrounds me. Sleep is surrender – letting go and allowing love to compass.”

2016-05-12. Bonnie Quino (1954): Count sheep jumping.

2016-05-12. Abel Rocha Gonzales Pachero (1960).: “The Sleep comes to me in a light blue color. I start to have incongruent thoughts, relaxation, mixing thoughts in a strange way, deep breathing. If I cannot sleep I take a cold shower.”

2016-05-12. Beth Amsbary (1959): “Sleep comes to me in a deep blue-green color. Sometimes it steals me from wakefulness, sometimes it is nesting in the arms of God and relaxing into them. Busy brain is troubled sleep.”

2016-05-12. Emily Teachout (1968): “If you cannot fall asleep look at the inside of eyelids, the swirling colors. White noise, better yet is old-time music drifting through trees.”

2016-05-11. Susanne Ohrvic (1962). "Sleep comes to me in a purple color. Soft, quietly. Sleep is sweet, soft, rythmic, stow breathing dreams processing the day. If I cannot fall asleep I exhaust myself with a boring book."

2016-05-11. Lisa Kathleen Johnson Ponder (1956). "Sleep comes soft, slow, and unnoticed – like a fog spreading. Breath slower, shut my eyes, be calm and still. I hear swish of grasses on a sunny day outside with a little gentle breeze."

2016-05-11. Charlie Jones (1995). Tukwila, WA. “Sleep comes to me like a light blue color that looks like waves. Sometimes waves, sometimes jumping sheep."

2016-03-15. Cynthia FitzGerald (1956): "The Sleep comes to me in a purple color. I think and pray for people I love. Lavender. Some lullabies are to prevent children's curiosity from taking them toward danger. The lullaby can reinforce a parent's protection of the child."

2016-03-09. Margie Hunt (1941): The good deep Sleep comes to me in a black velvet color. Sleep descends and engulfs me very comfortably. It is a page all covered with black. If I have a trouble falling asleep I think of blackness, especially by the outsides of my eyes and breathe of them. If it does not work, I let one thought lead to another, not allowing myself to remain on any one thought.

2016-03-08. Gwendolyn King (1978): “Sleep is floating over fields of flowers and oceans of fish. Sleep is becoming part of the water as it bends around the trees and rocks.” (Masguda's Project)

2016-02-24. Patricia Spaeth: There’s moment when your thoughts get fuzzy and you realize “That’s not logical – good – I’m falling asleep.” (Lullaby Project by Masguda)

2016-02-23. Vicki Nelson (1952): "The Sleep comes to me multi-colored. It slowly lays over me like a blanket. Sleep is a feeling of being safe, wrapped in a cocoon of warmth and peace." (Lullaby Project by Masguda)

2016-02-23. Martha de Carbonel Patterson (1963): "The Sleep comes to me in indigo color, sweet, smooth, velvety slide into warmth. Sleep is soothing, energizing, anticipatory, exiting, healthy, lovely, peaceful, comforting, and necessary.”(The Lullaby Project by Masguda)

2016-02-21. Kari Hailey (1968): “Sleep comes to me in a black and purple color. I become still and my mind stops. My breathing calms me.” Lullaby Project by Masguda

2016-02-13. Aimee Kelley: Sleep comes to me in stories that travel away from my day and day life.” (Lullaby Project by Masguda)

2016-02-12. Carol Levin (1946): Waves lapping, wind in trees, train rhythms, overwhelming thoughts bring a Sleep. (Lullaby Project by Masguda)

2016-02-12. Vicki Nelson (1952): “The Sleep is a cocoon of warmth and peace. It comes to me multicolored like a blanket being laid over me." (Lullaby Project by Masguda)

2016-02-10. Lauren Overholt (1986), Wichita, Kansas. Sleep comes to her in a deep blue color, in a geometrical patterns like a quilt, like a blanket gently falling onto her. (Lullaby Project by Masguda)

2016-02-10. Rebecca Campbell (1951): Sleep comes to me swirling through the white light tunnel into the upper world. (Lullaby Project by Masguda.)

2016-02-04. Diana Greenleaf (1949): When my father was in the process of dying we sang “Irish Lullaby” together to soothe each other. (Lullaby Project by Masguda)

2016-02-04. Beverly Young (1951 Loves rains – “It cleans thoughts.” The Sleep comes to her sinking in a bliss. (Lullaby Project by Masguda)

2016-02-02. Maria Batayola: "My homeland is warm, gracious, peaceful. The Sleep comes to me like warm water, sinking into warm water in a blue color. In my Tagalog language the Sleep called “Matulog". I love the smell of lilac. It reminds me of the soft winds that come, bring smell of Sampagita."

2016-02-02. Dusty Collings: “Lullabies in the US are for the calming of the adult as much as the child. Many of them have a scary part. Young families often have no one older around to offer support and confidence. This has been a trend even since the 1700s.”

2016-01-29. Dominika De-Klerk: The Sleep comes to me in a rainbow colors. It feels like the air pushing my eyes down and I sleep. I like the smell of strawberries because it feels like I am eating them. I like to taste chocolate because it just tastes good!” Masguda's Lullaby Project participant.

2016-01-28. Jamie Shilling: "Sleep comes slowly breathing, sometimes moving as a song in my mind. It is a heaviness!”

2016-01-28. Judy Healy (1950): "The Sleep whispers in a low sounds.. Ocean waves lapping against the shore, a warm darkness, a fading light, an enveloping nest." From the Lullaby Project by Masguda.

2016-01-26. "Seed to flower, flower to fruit, fruit to seed, awaken spirit of the wheel, awaken us again." Amy Goldberg's chant.

2016-01-26. My dear participants of Lullaby Project: Emma Nixon (1999) and Kristin Umbarger – Keene (1969). Describe your homeland (Peshastin, WA, USA): Pretty, Beautiful! Flowers, mountains, apple orchards, Wenatchee river, green summers, snowy winters, people are talking, a lot of birds singing, river passing nearby.

2016 - 01 - 20. I love mountain air. It invigorates my body and makes my scalp tingle. I feel very connected to life and earth and loved ones. I feel like I can accomplish anything and enjoy doing it. (Margie Hunt - my lullaby project participant from Seattle. Go to

2016 - 01 - 20. "Aa-ah, aah-ah, Baby" in Yiddish by Wendy Joseph

2016. January. Posted photos of my village relatives

2015. December. Go to

11.14.2015. The most beautiful city in Siberia. Krasnoyarsk. Home of Tatars.

11.14.2015. Hello, Chello! This link to the score "Lamento for Cello and Piano." Download from this link.

13.11.2015. Amazing Siberian Tatar Artist.

11.11.2015. Lamento for cello and piano.

15.10.2015. Ссылка на новую песню на слова Дили Булгаковой.


09.06.2015. "Две Золотые Монеты", март, 2005, Равиль Бухараев пьесасы язылды музыка Казанның меңъеллыгына. 2006 нчы елда - Kazan Millennium multimedia release. Maylid an Nabi 2006 - Performed by Хыял Алфия Заппарова. 2006, 2 февраля, Казань, Большой Концертный зал имени Сайдашева - Фуат Мансуров исполнил симфоническую поэму "Дервиш". 2006 - Выпуск СД - Маулид ан Наби. 2007 - Northwest Symphonic Orchestra, Antony Spain исполнил Дервиш. 2008 - Seattle Sings World Lullabies. Tatarica Publishing House. Seven Gr


09.06.2015. Чык тамчысы кебек саф, татар моңы кебек гүзәл бу ханым...(аrticles)

06.04.15. "две беды, когда ни ржи, ни лебеды". Заметки на татарском в разделе "articles"

14/02/2015. В программе "Новая музыка композиторов Татарстана" в Государственном Большом Концертном зале им. Салиха Сайдашева была исполнена одна часть из "Тамгалар".

12.18.2014. Tatar Bashkort Mythology "Cursed Birds":

2014-04-29. Исламофония в акустическом пространстве татарской культуры

April 28th, 2014. Russian Institute of the History of Arts. The International Research Symposium: The Ecology of Music. Soundscapes: church, monastery, city.” Участвую с докладом: “Islamophony of the Tatar Culture”.

January, 2014. You Tube: Tatars Explore America (episode 2)

2014. Новый Год встретила в Долине Смерти (Death Valley).

2013, 9th of November. Вашингтон ДСда Tatar DC татарлары белән очрашу булды.

2013, October 15. Марсель Сәлимҗанов: "Вакыт таләпләрне үзе куя" в секции "статьи".

2013, 7th of September. Лечу в Казань на первый международный форум «Шомбай-fest». Буду в Казани 20го сентября. Форум пройдет с 23 по 28 сентября.

2013, 22nd of July.. была исполнена симфония "Чингизхан".

2013, March 10th. Symphony "Ibn Fadlan" is uploaded on youtube

2012, December. I have been writing oratotrio "Yasa of Chinghis Khan."

2012, December. Uploaded on youtube "Tatars Explore America"

June 20, 2012. Article "җан биргәнгә җүн биргән " is uploaded.

June 19, 2012. Article "Татарларда көйле дини шигърият" is uploaded.

2012, May. The oratorio "Kain" by Masguda is uploaded (music section)

2012, April, 19th. The premiere of oratorio "Kain" by Masguda in Kazan (Russia). Flying Seattle-NewYork-Moscow-Kazan-Mascow-Los-Angeles-Seattle.

2012, 02/23. Uploading "Tatar Calligraphy" (Photos section).

January, 2012. Songs "Butterfly on the Snow" and "Lives are Passing" have been uploaded onto YouTube.

2011-2012. Рустам Тарико подарил мне Новый Год в Майями, а я подарила его маме старинные татарские песни.

2011, December, San Francisco. This upcoming Saturday (12/10) we will have a guest; Dr. Masguda Shamsutdinova, Ph.D. She will conduct a presentation at the ATTA Bina at 7:00 PM on 12/10/11. Her presentation will examine Tatars religious poetry and music and some of her work as a composer.

2011, November, 12. Symphony "Chenghis Khan" was performed in Kazan by Symphonic orchestra of Tatarstan. Conductor Aleksandr Sladkovsky.әsgүdә-shәmsetdinova-amerikadan-chүlgә-kүchәrgә-җyiena.html

November, 2011. Masguda's symphony "Chingiz Khan" will be performed by Aleksandr Sladkovsky at the International Festival "Concordia".

October 21, 2011. Masguda's "Dervish" was presented by KKUP 91.5 fm.

April, May, June, 2011. Masguda will be collecting lullabies for the new CD "Songs of the Blue She-Wolf" in Perm oblast, Bashkortostan, and Tatarstan (Russia).

May 25 - June 5, 2011. Masguda is invited to participate "Nouruz" International Theater Festival. Kazan, Russia.

April, 2011. Masguda has finished oratorio "Kain" (by Taktash, Quran, and Bible.)

October 28, 2010. Lecture at University of Washington: "Tatar Resistance to Russian Assimilation."

October 16, 2010. Lecture at TurkFest: "Songs of the Blue She-Wolf."

August, 2010. Masguda released a new disc "Lord Blow Out the Moon - The Lullaby in America."

2010. I have been writing oratorio "Kain and Abel" by Bible, Koran, Taktash, Bayron, Milton.

July, 2010. Interview "Flowers of the Sound" with Masguda in "Idel" magazine by Galina Zainullina. Kazan, Tatarstan, N8, 2010,

July, 2010. Article about Masguda's American adventures in Tatar humoristic magazine by Adelya Bagavetdinova. Kazan, Russia, N8, 2010.

June 7-11, 2010. Masguda participated at "Nouruz" International Theater Education Forum of Turkic People and presented the lecture "Music as an Element of Theatrical Action in National Performances." Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia

May-June, 2010. Newspapers "Shehri Kazan," "Akcharlak," "Madani Jomga," "Vechernya Kazan," etc. interviewed Masguda. Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia.

October 8, 2009. Zai Circle-Musical Conversations: "Language of Spirit." Jalaleddin Rumi and Emily Dickinson's poetry was performed at Good Shepard Performance Space in Seattle by Masguda, Kelan, Greg Sinibaldi, Steve Banks, and DJ Gentle Gee.

October 4, 2009. Japanese, Tatar, Russian, Romanian Lullabies were performed by WLS at the Seattle Children's Museum.

August, 2009. Masguda has finished Concerto for Morin Khuur and Symphonic Orchestra.

May 24th, 2009. Performance by WLS at the Northwest Folklife Festival.

July 19th, 2008. Story telling at the Children's Museum in Seattle. An old legend about a Tickle Man from the series "Tatar Tales and Legends."

May 24, 2008. Concert performance by the "WLS" at the Northwest Folklife festival.

May 24, 2008. Presentation of CD "Seattle Sings World Lullabies" at the Northwest Folklife Festival.

May 23-26, 2008. Masguda collects American lullabies at the Northwest Folklife Festival.

May 23, 2008. Performance of the Symphonic Suite no.2 at "the Premiere with Fuat Mansurov".

April 25, 2008. Performance of Masguda's Oh, Adam's children, Maulid-an-Nabi, and Holy Night at the VI Festival of Tatar choir music (Kazan, Russia).

April-May 2008. Presentations of the CD "Seattle Sings Word Lullabies" in Kazan and Perm Oblast.

February 2008. Masguda's Bazaar will be offering Masguda's CDs and other merchandise for sale.

February 1, 2008. Masguda released a new disc "Seattle Sings World Lullabies".

July 2007. Article in Seattle's Child magazine about Masguda's project: The Lullaby Project Records Songs of Love

May-June 2007. Masguda presents series of lectures "Caressing Strings of Time" at the Bayview Retirement Community in Seattle

May 27, 2007. Article in Seattle Times about Masguda's Lullaby Project at the Folklife Festival: Folklife Festival a real head-turner

May 26, 2007. Jeff Rice talks about Masguda's Lullaby Project on American Public Media's "Weekend America" radio program: Lullabies from Around the World

May 5, 2007. Symphonic Poem "Dervish" was performed by the Northwest Symphony Orchestra (WA). Conductor Anthony Spain

April 22, 2002. Laureate of the II International Television Song Festival in Kazan, Russia

April, 2007. Masguda's symphonic music disc release: Masters of Symphonic Music: Masguda Shamsutdinova

January 22, 2007. Article about Masguda's Lullaby Project in Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Composer Collecting And Dishing Out Lullabies

January 2007. Teaching a course "Contemporary Issues in Anthropology: Islam, Ethnicity and Music" at Seattle Central Community College.

2006. Masguda's "Maulid-an-nabi" disc was released in Russia. Performed by Tatar Choir "Khiyal."

November 3, 2006. Masguda presented a lecture "Challenges of an Educated Immigrant in the US" at the North Seattle Community College.

August, 2006. Masguda presented a lecture at Seattle Pacific University.

April, 2007. Masguda Shamsutdinova has started the Lullaby Project.

April, 2006. Speech "Islam, Ethnicity, and Music" at the 16th Annual Students of Color Conference "Faces of Diversity: From College to Community" (Seatac, WA).

March 2, 2006. Masguda presented a lecture "Islam in Russia: Ethnic Consciousness and Music of Russian Muslims" at Seattle Central Community College.

February 2, 2006.
Premiere of Symphonic Poem "Dervish", performed by the State Symphony Orchestra of Tatarstan. Conductor Fuat Mansurov. 

February 2, 2006.
Premiere of Sufi Mystery "Maulid an-Nabi" (Hymn to Prophet Muhammad). Performed by choir "Khiyal" in Kazan, Tatarstan. Conductor Alfiya Zabbarova. 

January, 2006. 
Masguda's music has been used in "Kazan Millenium" multimedia release. 

January, 2006. "Black Felt Cloak", a theatrical performance with Masguda's music, was introduced in Moscow

December, 2005. Documentary movie by Sonya Watson about Masguda was broadcasted on Seattle Channel 21.

November, 2005. Masguda presented a lecture "I am a Sufi Composer" at Seattle Central Community College. 

August 30, 2005.
Russian Consulate congratulated Tatar community of Seattle with 1000th anniversary of Kazan city.

June, 2005. "The Child of My Soul", a choreographic composition was performed in Czech Republic by "Crystal" ensemble. Music by Masguda.

June 24, 2005. Masguda's music was used in the opening ceremony of Kul-Sharif mosque in Kazan city.

 May, 2005. Masguda's music was used in "Fishermen's Terminal", a new film by B. J. Bullert.

April 25, 2005. Lecture at University of Washington: "Popular Sufi Music and Songs among Tatars of the Kazan Region."

April 1, 2005. Masguda has finished Sufi Music Mystery "Asmaul Husna".

March, 2005. Kazan State Puppet Theater. Performance of the theatrical play "Two Golden Coins" by Ravil Bukharaev, dedicated to 1000th anniversary of Kazan. Music by Masguda.

2004. Masguda's music has been used in "Kazan Kremlin", multimedia release, dedicated to 1000th anniversary of Kazan. 

December 8, 2004. Premiere of Masguda's Symphony No.3 "Genghis-Khan". Conductor Fuat Mansurov

November 21, 2004. Masguda has started Radio Tatarica. Tatar Music online, 24 hours a day

June 27-Aug 5, 2004. Folklore expeditions to Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and Perm oblast (region)

July 1, 2004. "Istanbul Mekan Tiyatro" Festival (Turkey). Performance of play "Jiren Şişen ile Karasaçlı Güzel". Music by Masguda Shamsutdinova.

June 13, 2004. There was a Masguda's program about Tatar folklore music on KBCS 91.3fm (Bellevue-Seattle).

April 4, 2004. Performing at the 3rd Annual Music Fest for Literacy in Seattle

March, 2004. Guest composer at the Banff Centre (Canada)

October 30, 2003. Premiere of performance "The Mountain of the Snake" in Puppet Theater, Kazan Music of Masguda Shamsutdinova.

October 19, 2003. Masguda was invited by American Tatar Association to New York City, where she had a concert performance

October, 2003. Release of Masguda's audio compact-disc "Fables from Tartary

October 14, 2003. Performance at the annual meeting of Literacy Council of Seattle

October 10, 2003. Premiere of performance "Sak-Sok" in Youth Theater, Kazan. Music by Masguda Shamsutdinova

16 June, 2003. Premiere and the Award for music for performance "Sak-Sok" at the First International Theatre Festival, Bishkek, dedicated to the Year of Kyrgyz Statehood

2003. Masguda Shamsutdinova has been writing the 3rd simphony "Chingizkhan" (Genghis-Khan)

2003. "The Best Composer" of the International Theater Festival "Nauruz" of Turkic People (Bishkek, Kirgizstan).

2002. "The Best Composer" of the International Theater Festival "Nauruz" of Turkic People (Kazan, Tatarstan).

December 11, 2002. Entering the Washington Composers Forum (WCF), a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of contemporary music in the Northwest of America

October 24, 2002. Appearance at the annual meeting of Literacy Council of Seattle. Masguda presented some of her music

August 05, 2002. Moved to the State of Washington, US

May - July, 2002. Working with producer Farid Bikchantaev on performance "Burka" dedicated to Marsel Salimjanov

March 25, 2002. There was a program on Radio 4 (Netherlands) about music of Tatarstan. Masguda's music was performed. Here is its playlist: